In these times

I humbly enter into the shelter of the veiled

And call on Allah for a brief chat

On how to free heads in veils

From oppression in the savannah wombs turned tombs



In these times

I humbly ask Allah, why voices of the veiled are evil

And why the veiled must hide to keep men civil

Like an ignoramus, I need Allah to tutor

And seep understanding in my mind’s pores



In these times

When tempers hide under the guise of holiness

I am the veiled asking for sanity

Why must my people be brutalized in His name

On grounds which embraced His sent alien hearts?



Don’t we make them?

Why did Allah give us that right?

To be suffocated by our veils when our blooms wilt?

I will suggest there be a new testament

One liberating veils from hands of the misunderstood

One making men taste bitter potions of jealousy

So as to wipe their misunderstandings of your puzzles

So thorns in veils will flee

And take with them fake smiles and scars on hearts

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


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