I wan say am

But ibi like say I can’t


Last time, when person opened im mouth

And said those people be fools, dem cut im head like chicken

Another person too go say that them be like dogs

And cats and lions

He too, im body turn meat wey was shared for dogs on road

One woman said them be vampires

Na soso blood dem want suck

No eye saw that woman again

All of them said she be witch who vanished

Soso fight dem fight but dem no want mouths to yap

Dem dey want mouths talk say nyash be face

See as dem dey kill each other sake of meat?

Tomorrow, dem go fight over where air blow to

Because me I know say sake of woman, many men don die

Them lose thema lives like fowls in Christmas

Many say hush hush dat them no dey understand nothing

But me, I fear o

I no want trouble so I no go say am

Na thinking I wan think about me o

Shebi each one for himself?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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