“I am going to kill myself

Yes, kill myself

Society says an old man is my portion

Because his white hairs shine wisdom and care

I can’t live like a defiant fighting death off him

So I will kill myself”


“Kill yourself?

Wait let me join you to kill ourselves

Society says I am the temple of the devil

Because my competence flies like an eagle

Fingers draped in wickedness seek my heart pulled from its enclave

I can’t live like an evil bird running through the evil forest

So I will kill myself”


“You want to kill yourselves?

Stop your train and get me on board

Society says I am a pot which can’t hold water

So must leave for the better or turn rag

As my carrier needs no soaking in any cold weather

To be plain, porters need to hear cries from my pot

So they taunt and hunt me like an animal

I want to end it all by killing myself”



“Stop the train and let me on board

I also want to kill myself

Poverty has washed me like a torn rag

And so I succumbed to lustful tongues to save my creation

But society’s eyes saw me through the dark

And has belled through the whole nation

Even hairs stand seeing my shadow

I can’t live like this, I, too, want to kill myself”



“Hey stop your train of suicide and let me join

My temple has been desecrated by an unsterilised knife

They say my genital needs some trimmings

That aside, a hopeless man entered my temple

And stole all my goodies in shame

Leaving his stains in here but society says I am to blame

I also want to kill myself”


Kill yourselves wise ones!

Do kill yourselves!!

Kill yourselves intelligent ones

And leave your younger ones to the same fate

Instead of holding hands like soldiers

And battling for safety, you are here planning your deaths

Kill yourselves brave ones!

For your senses are sharper than any double edged sword

The society will keep on pointing

The society will keep on hunting

So please do kill yourselves

And leave the world a heaven for fools to use your likes as tools

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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