Indomie and ‘deli-aliens’ replace ‘akara, tubani’

Because African televisions scream they are the ‘ish’

Banku, fufu, tz, local rice

Are but bush foods meant for bush people

No wonder ‘etor’ is fading in minds

No wonder ‘aprapransah’ is deemed so evil

No wonder we hide to ‘face the wall’

See, we are like cocks without grounds

Flying with borrowed feathers

Waiting for time to bring us down

See, we are like beings without history

Trying so hard to fit in other realms

Causing our ancestors to scream

See, we prefer to live like mice in dirty jungles

When we are lions and lionesses, masters of our jungle

                                  Why complain, if we are looked upon as non-existent

                                                As our resources are looted and used?

So why complain if we are hunted and killed

As we serve as racists’ meat?

We are what we want to be;


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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