Waking to smiles from naughty faces
I see the hidden naughties’ paces
Like the happening of yesterday left no traces
The humurous battle is drawn
“Mrs. Phone, Fufu Mafia, Poetry Eater”
My few nickies
But I smile
Knowing a mile has been reached
I call far away home
Everyone is fine
A few business calls
And I smile to myself
Until Kwesi brings his annoying face

Kwesi says he suffers from coccidiosis
He has turned into a fowl
Because town’s rounds stare him in the face
Dangling long walks in his lazy mind
Maame has to go to class
After taking two balls of banku with okra stew
I wonder where food lives
In her half-onelike body
I watch as she slips her long legs into my slippers
She looks at me and goes for hers
“No need for devilish looks
Mrs. Words, please smile”
I smile
Go for bathroom rituals
And step out only to get an admirable visitor
Happy, but sad I am caught slacking in his assignment
I sit sorry for a bit like a child caught without her homework
But I step out ready
To face life’s puzzles
I am that conqueror who must conquer afterall
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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