“Give your life to Christ”
He writes boldly
“For even the love of humans
Can’t compete His earthly love”
I ponder on the three paged sheet
And wonder why I feel
I am being coerced, like a little puppy, into a cult
I know God creates
Who needs what he creates when he continuously creates?
He provides for what He creates
So why do I need to give myself to a son?
Isn’t he more like a brother?
I believe the creator lives
Is heaven a fazing kingdom?
Am I that much of a pig
That people need me washed?
All my clouds of problems
Will never rain
If I give my life to Christ
Abena, I really must be a criminal
That like a piece living in unmentionables
I am being written letters of love
Like a manipulatable little girl
Let my clouds rain
I say
My earth will soften to strengthen
He who creates is He who takes
He doesn’t need my permission to
He takes it at His time
And I am ready anytime
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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