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Jehovah is my witness

He is my witness

That I do carry the right messages

But many want none of it

None, none at all


He is my witness; Jehovah

I went to Papa Ofosu’s house

Immediately he saw me,

He rushed into his neigbour’s bathroom like a lost cat

And asked him to tell me he is not in

When he knew I saw him

And could probably have heard him


I went to Shaidu’s house

And he brought out a machete

How my heart pounded!

Jehovah curses those who touch his prophets

But I needed to live to spread the word

So like a speed mortalised, I fled

Jehovah is my witness


Just look at Akosua

Girl as pretty as the rainbow

She is so lost and I had pity on her soul

I went to knock to give her the word

And she changed her voice ridiculously

And told me “please she has vacated this premises”

When I saw her the next day

On my way to work

Jehovah! Jehovah!


Just look at Mrs. Pabi

The woman’s house is far from mine

So I reach her for discussions when she is mostly cooking

Her nosy little brat of a child

Told me I was just a nosy and hungry old preacher

When I complained, she said her child had a point

What did she think I was?

A glutton looking for free meals?

Jehovah Jireh!


Teenagers kill me most

They flee like I am some sort of “kakai”

When they see me, while laughing

Their faces saying;

“Catch us if you can! You old nag!

I get irritated, but not for long

Jehovah cries, I know


Many are those who meet their deaths

Many are those who get injured

Fleeing from me and my family

But Jehovah is my witness

Jehovah is my witness

That I am spreading the word

And I feel very bad when others die without hearing the word

Shoes are buyable

And I won’t care even if my soles wane

I will continue my work as Jehovah’s witness

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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