It is the cook

Whose blame is booked

When the taste goes bad

Like a stinking spoilt fish

So women! Do cook the lads so right!


You worship your creation

Into demi god-ship

When they seek for worship

From your future yous

As you’ve always worshipped in tears

Book your blame

For you are the cook

Who spoilt your brook


I will always grind thoughts of gender

Empowering weaknesses

In both like thunder

I will always call for decorum

And burn demi godships

Before their seats land

Into heads of the strong


If only the cooks

Will follow suit

The world’s bad vocabularies

Will exclude “disrespect for women”

We breed, we can free

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(I believe men are our creation and so we can bring boys up to treat girls fairly in their future. I believe we can also empower girls to be self sufficient to gain respect from their opposites. I believe disrespect for women started with women and must end by women waking up to quench those, hence this poem.)

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