On that faithful day when the cold and unpardonable hands of death snatched you away from the surface of the earth.

The day I knew my world had come to an end because a great being had been lost.

I couldn’t bear the mockery from my enemies.
My spirit was like a sunken bed.

Every living thing lost its value.
Everything seized to function to me.
The world was at a halt.

I wished to be in coma just so I wouldn’t feel the pain and your demise.

I can’t take the pain anymore.
I need a bottle of ‘akpeteshie'(local gin) to let it go.

I can barely see the essence of life now.
Life is a misery without you.

I remember the moments we would laugh together,walk hand in hand as if we were a couple.
People envied us for this type of sibling relationship.

You were a man of peace(Asumdwe Hene).
Oh your departure has left an indelible mark in our lives.

I want you back personally.
I want to forget these bad moments I’m going through.
I’m still waiting for a miracle to come.

Yes I know!
I know deep within me that I shall see you face to face again.

But when?
I’m not done with my duty on earth. I would have joined you.

I can wait no more.
I am running out of strength.
Oh how I wish to see you now.

And my wish still remains a wish because I can do nothing about it.

Till we meet again.

In memory of Late Prof Atta Mills,Kobby Darrah(Christabel’s younger brother) and Kay(Gerald’s younger brother).

Gerald Adjei ©2015
Christabel Badzi ©2015

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