Kenyan terrorist victims


Is this fair?

Splattered young fruits

At that square?



Don’t you care?

Many capable future leads weeded

Can you bear?



Dare to stare!

They just wanted to fit in

But a blasting this glare?



Whoever did dare

Would you ever trade places?

All you who dared?



You selfish pairs

Would you, with loved ones, ever trade places?

As you, in those pieces tear?


All ye fallen,

Don’t go sleeping

Form a spirit army

And do some revenging

Until none of these thoughts remain

That will also be your patriotism


Oh I can’t stop feeling!


Promisings of change!

Promisings so shattered

By weirdos, weirdos so dope dosed

With dunce thoughts

An unhealable pox on all of you!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


    1. Thank you. This terrorisms are really getting the best part of my emotions. I don’t understand why innocent lives have to go through this. Many are the reasons given for these attacks but the weirdest one is to fight against western education, then why don’t they bomb books? Why are they bombing lives they cannot create?

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      1. You are so right. Thank you for the best wishes. I pray the earth sees better days, days without terror heads, days where goodness surpasses evil. I know those days will speak if real freedom.

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    1. No, V-Pub, this is not what we do in the name of religion. We did not do this, but some did and no they have no religion because religion is a belief in something other than self. This is what nefarious, controlled and controlling trolls are doing to stop the word of Christ’s teachings. It is no accident this happened over Easter weekend. Fear is their psychological weapons that pull their triggers and that is where real change will take place, is in their hearts. They want everyone to believe it is because of their faith that this is happening, when in fact, it is the lack of true love of God and God’s creations that is the problem. These monsters that did this have no conscience.

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      1. I agree. This event and all like it are so sad and unnecessary. Let us pray for the innocents who are now in Heaven and the families and indeed, our whole world. I also thought about what you said about religion and it is true, some do think they are standing up for something, but unless that faith promotes goodness, then what good is it?! I think we must stay to the light.


      2. You asked a very touching rhetorical question, “unless that faith promotes goodness then what good is it?” I choose to answer, then it is no good. We see the how boko haram has Nigeria on its toes now a group gets Kenya and all other countries on the continent asks who is next? Must Africa see all these things? and what bastards would not fear to kill students instead of their terrorists thoughts? It is sad. Really sad.

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      3. I agree. You do have a way of summarizing emotions that touch the heart with truth.
        These horrible things have to stop! Knowing that Jesus is returning is a great comfort during these end times that are really a new beginning for humans to live in peace and harmony. I have to believe that our world will one day wake up and realize that violence towards others or self is not the answer! It is so obvious to you and I and all those who see that unnecessary death takes more than lives, it also takes from the world the wisdom of precious persons that they would have learned and shared, by living through time.
        We do learn from each other…

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      4. Indeed this is what they claim, Jennifer. Maybe this is not what you or I would do in the name of religion, but that is what these monsters are doing in the name of religion.

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    2. Yoked with religion, it sucks! No religion can teach its followers to be this ruthless. That founder would have been satan reincarnated to deceive. Men have different interpretations of religion, I believe there are crazy believers and ignoramuses who are opinionated believing that things they cannot do must not be done by others, thereby becoming the stoppers, so to speak with murderous intents. I always say this, none of them will know peace.

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