Where lies your heart?

In the will of safety or doom?

Trust your heart to a machine

That can crash  and maim?



Where lies your fear?

Oh travelling heart?

In the machete of maiming

Or in the bowl of death?



Where lies your motivation?

In the importance of work

Or in the palpable smell of risk?

Traveller oh traveller!



Does your trust mostly lie

In the four wheeling legs that carry

Or in the metal heart which cries

But seldom breaks down?



Traveller oh traveller!

Where lies your thoughts?

Will you blame God if you end up like tomato paste?

Know He gave you legs for safety

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

9 thoughts on “A TRAVELLER’S HEART

    1. We can never exclude ourselves. We go up and down always with our traveller’s hearts. Good you make your home dear Nikohl, that is in preparation for whatever. Thanks for the reblogg and your voice on this platform. Blessings.


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