Tears of children rise

From empty stomachs

Wasting energies without

For innocent faces to get visitors of drowning tears,

And you sit on thrones fighting superiority?



Many enterprises die

Killed by lack of energy foods

School children embrace darkness

And shun learning

Through no fault of begging books

And you, on high pedestals think of propaganda?


Africa oh Africa!

Corruption is a bulldozer

Breaking down the very foundations

Our ancestors toiled to build,

Making hot love to drivers who swore to save

And you sit claiming you have great history

When the pungent scent of your history

Murder noses in far away geographic arena?


Do I need to talk diseases

When it is most horrible than faeces?

From AIDS, Malaria to ebola:

The slow to hot killers

What good can sitting resources do

When many mouths are open

Ready for its consumptive arrest?


Africa oh Africa!

You do have great cultures

Tainted by carelessness

Africa! Africa! Africa!

Wake from your slumber

And get an agenda!!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

22 thoughts on “AFRICA! YOUR HISTORY?

  1. You have shown us the many faces of your land, I pray for those who can speak for their voices to be heard,for those who can’t ,you are now their voice
    Many blessings Cecilia, peace.


  2. This brings to mind the eternal puzzle: why should majority of the people in Africa or Asia be living in poverty and squalor always? Undoubtedly, the powers that be are responsible for such sorry state of affairs. God save the suffering ‘ordinary people’! Thanks for publicizing the sorry plight of the children of Africa!

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