Why sin was made ineluctable,

Abena, I do not know

Its terribly sweet whispers

Its beautiful shapes and colours

Its mysterious rush of adrenaline

Its promises of gain

Rubbed by its soothing balm of satisfaction after success,

Erase thoughts of its consequences


There I was

Standing at the threshold of sin

Watching Amidu cuddle an apple with thorns beneath

I called, Amidu, watch out!

Amidu, watch out!

But he heard only after he had deep wounds

On his third leg after cunningly using it to step there

Ei! Why must sin cover ears of all?


Just after that,

I watched as Quaye sneaked to capture

A golden casket

I looked and saw it was a trap to get a corpse

I screamed and screamed in warning

But I guess he heard me from the life of beyond


I hate to hate sin

Because it catches me anyway

Tying my friends, family and all

Ensuring our fall is a call

Seductive snake in synergy with pain

To seduce and reduce to naught

Please put some clothes on you

We are tired of your pornography!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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