Fall into my arms

And let’s recite the Psalms

The Psalms which draw

And brings passionate beauty to the fore

The Psalms which tickles

And has a fragrance which sizzles

When morning breezes wash their faces

As the sun approaches watching its paces

The gates of its arms will be opened

Like red roses open to embrace the world

When dawn yawns

As day opens its eyes

My Bible will be opened to Psalms

And all troubles will be killed with arms

So prepare to fall into my arms

In a day dressed in red and white

Giving options to hearts to bleed or laugh

Till darkness draws its curtains

These arms will lock you in

And pamper your sorrow to chase its lover in another realm

With a shining armour which cuts for thanksgiving

And slaughters loneliness to vanish

I have only a wish for all these

Cook me a love meal tended with salt of foreverness

On this day of love

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


10 thoughts on “THE GATES OF LOVE

  1. A heart for everyone is not what they had,those who are in need of a heart are forgotten for these are not the sweetness but the weakness of those who should care.
    Many blessings Cecilia
    Your heart has always been for the many who need

    Liked by 1 person

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