God, I need a date

A date which cannot wait

So I can show you my plate

Before I become late


God I need a date

A date to strengthen my fate

By knowing all my baits

And securing all my gates


Oh Lord give me that date

To know the root of all hate

I don’t want to end up like my friend Kate

Who wondered until she became late


Oh Lord give me that date

So I can share with my mate

And hit cruel liars pate

After I, their sermons rate


If I get that date

I know I’ll save my state

So we can graduate

From this state before we’re late

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

10 thoughts on “PLEASE GIVE ME THAT DATE

  1. It is possible. After all you are young intelligent and very pretty. God has the right man for you. Pray and continue to follow your interests and hobbies. Get out and socialize even if it’s just taking a walk in the local part, visiting the zoo, museum, even the local library. That way you have a better chance of meeting the right man.

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    1. Well, good tips for man hunting. But not in my plans now. If it happens, it happens. I wish I could have a date with God Almighty. That is insane, I know, but I can’t help thinking about it and I can’t shake the questions I would have asked Him given the chance. This crazy old me.

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