Mum C

I no want be man

Why I go dey want be man?

Woman dey be waaa



Them no dey fit cry

Them always dey shave shave beard

Wet dreams, na wetin?



I no want be man

Africa pressure no small

For man, them sweat pass



Them always dey beg

For dark dark then flex for light

For them worship hall



I no want be man

Woman dey accuse sotaaay

Na all curse don gas



If a man hungry

Wey kind man go give am food

If im face biabia?



Africa man tire

Dem chase chase flexing woman

Wey dem lose money



A barren woman

No dey shame like man whose

Gun no have bullet



Man be room, no gate

Man be room, no get window

Man na suffer bag


I no want be man

So so tire tire be man’s fort

Why I want be man?



Woman dey suffer

I no go lie, but them live

Dem dey dodge pressure

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015




12 thoughts on “I NO WANT BE MAN (PIDGIN HAIKU)

  1. i love this … an economy of words a
    richness of thought … dem chase money
    dey suffer bag …. (maybe this is ridiculous … ) anyway,
    poetry it seems to me when it is a true
    art form … is a portal into our unique
    selves … imagine … these words weave in and out of
    space giving me the opportunity to create
    a world of my own making …

    it sure is nice having you stop by
    my place … thanks …. ks

    Liked by 1 person

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