Fears now walk on metal legs

Holding huge metal pegs

Pegging hearts through words

Spewed from mouths of math phobias like flawed surds




They walk on minds like end times

Wearing clothes of signs picked from Holy Books which rhymes

Using the gateways of ears and eyes

Confusing minds against the lies



Even a mulatto’s car

With a beast tag has long horns which bar

The minds of the ’Deity’s mouthpieces

Making them tear hearts into pieces




What is the truth?

What can you say to my heart soothe?

What can melt these irons

Which are sending us many times to fake Zions?





Many are the hell rejects

Who are purported to tell on hell for man’s reflects

And they mostly tell of the tormented

After they have their own lamented




Do we have the walking dead

Now showing faces and begging to be fed

And be given sheds

And names like Teds?




If you have a voice which can bounce

And give me reasons in sounds

I would be glad

And would be saved from going mad

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

9 thoughts on “FEAROLEGGIES

  1. The Bible taken out of context can be used to justify many evils. That’s why we are to Study to show ourselves approved, rightly dividing the word of God. Some parts are history. Some portions are meant to be metaphors and not taken literally. Some books apply to the culture and countries of that time period. Some books are a mystery. Unfortunately today as in Bible times there are many False prophets using the Holy Scriptures in order to make a Profit….for themselves!!

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    1. Frightening yes! It’s amazing how you meet these men of God and they try their hardest to make you give up your life all in the name of the second coming of Christ. They say things and blindly back it up with quotes from the Bible to make you believe that we are in the end times. Horrible, I must say.


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