Am me

Because of her.


In mud-pit of fallibility,

She washes clean her love

For me and steps up to bath me clean.


Her blood boils when my clothes soil

Her tears fall, when sadness walks my face

Her mood calls, when danger stalks my path

Her stomach churns, when sickness visits me.


She is a bear and a lioness

The former for my comfort

The latter for my protection


My ordinary self

Over climbs many hurdled mountains

Together with hope aiming

Heaven because of her light

Emancipation of soul is achieved

Repeatedly, thanks to her

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

16 thoughts on “A BEAR AND A LIONESS

  1. My mother died in August 1998 and I miss her every day. Nothing has been the same since she passed away. I really feel that void when I’m sick and I’ve had numerous health challenges the worse being a stroke and eye surgery. Life is not the same without my Mom or my Dad.


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