Shame always tames

I went for a walk

In a very unfamiliar place

With mouths which spoke in earthly tongues

Feeling lost and paranoid

Then I heard “nyini!”

I frowned


What does this person mean?


Could that be a name of an animal?

Could that mean they want to kill me

Could that mean a mean insult?

Could this be an aim for shame?

Like a wounded lion I sharpened my senses

Hurrying, then I heard it again

“Nyini!” This time louder


I gathered momentum

Raced to the body with the uncontrollable tongue

And said now tell me “nyini”

And I will make sure you become “nyini”

He repeated it and I punched him hard

Many voices raced to me

All shouting “nyini!”

Now scared, I shouted back

Then a familiar voice asked

“What is going on dear?”

I told my host about their disrespect

He laughed and explained

“Nyini” is “you” in their mother tongue

Shame tapped and tamed me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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