When death conquers death

He would finally get to ask

His slippery mortal enemy

And he would be up to the task


He would probably first ask

What he did so wrong to its claws

That its guards kept watching him

From birth till he tasted those claws



It was first his mother

She housed him with love

But it tore her heart using his coming

Caring beings said she watched from above



Then it stretched its long hands

And stole his only brother

When he was barely five

And at ten, added his father



When Grandma joined at twelve

Hands begun to point

Accusing him of things so alien

Among which was he and Satan’s joint



And so he flew from town to town

Until Cupid caught him through Yaa

He was glad he had a family

And worshipped the walking grounds of Yaa



Yaa was the pot who broke

While carrying his precious water

His tears rained forever

As he pondered over the matter



And then he met with Betty

And found her very witty

He tried to court her daily

Until it again came and took her pretty



So when they finally meet

He would be the interrogator

And would sure torment death

Who would be nothing than an obligator


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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