This uncanny saucepan

Lies on its back

To trace its chickens

Harbour no thoughts of trickery

For it folds when your fruition ends

So peck like chickens

Don’t use your beaks like lions

If you harm earth foods

Before their fruition

This uncanny saucepan

Will help you eat

And still make you pay

When it needs its meal

I took a cue

When the rich and poor

Lie equal in this saucepan

Like the chickens they are

When it folds on their end

So look and take a cue

And peck wisely

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


8 thoughts on “PECK WISELY

  1. Death does not discriminate. In the end we all are the same. Just as life we start. I know not why there is a separation, just that it exist. Yet as you said it folds when you step on it. So choose wisely before you eat. This is a good on Cecilia

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