Real Men


Wright works well to wreck

Well, we wish he works well to rock

Like a chicken, he pecks, and scatters

Leaving no trail of his intakes

He believes a real man

Uses muscles to tackle women

Subduing them into fear

He believes one who makes women cry

Is the real deal

He believes, even his mother,

Must kowtow to him

Because he has the power of a male

And he parades his ignorance around my arena


I believe

He, like a huge rock, 

Can never get into my sieve

And he’s in shock


My real man

Must apologise knowing not who wrongs

My real man

Must worship the temple which gave him life

My real man

Must be a realist who is dependable

My real man

Must be able to depend on me without shame

When the need arises

My real man

Must never think of hitting women

Let alone disrespecting his life giver

My real man

Must give respect to the real makers of the earth

My real man

Must stand for what’s right

And stick to his guns

Not with abuse

But with brains gained through wisdom


So parade not in my arena

I am who I am

Simple but with a choice

A choice to choose right

And not wrong

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

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