Unripe fruits, abused

Weak seeds, used

New born plants, deflowered

What are these?

What are these?


Full blooms, seek

Beautiful grooms, speak

Strong hearts are weak

So they abuse their strength

They abuse the weak


The weak weeps

With broken hearts

They hide the fears

You imprint on their souls.



Living cowards! Bow

Your shameful heads, low

Your egos are dead, throw

And purge your consciences

Please do purge your consciences

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

(For those who abuse children and the weak in society, know there is the prize nature gives. I believe in Karma. Please repent from these inhumane sins and be a protector. Abusing a child lasts forever on his/her mind. For those abused, I feel you, I know your pains, I know your fears, so please take those clothes of pain off, and shine through.)


  1. Yes dear Cecilia, a day of reckoning is coming and all who have preyed upon the weak will receive their just punishments. Once innocence is stolen or crushed, the person has to decide whether they are going to be a survivor or a victim. The survivor becomes strength, a warrior but the victim remains broken their entire lives allowing the monsters to win. Be well my friend.

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