Words are on the field of deliberations
From high heads dripping with opinions from perspectives dynamic
The question which is like the ball on the field?
Was Castro a dictator?

Castro was a dictator!
Obama is a hypocrite!
Trump is the ish when it comes to the bible’s wish
Trump is truthful
His eyes aiding his apt speech
Mr. Dzome couldn’t be more passionate

Castro was a hero!
One who drove a city on wheels of prostitution
Drugs, illiteracy and colonialism
Into freedom
Enlightening many
Opening the doors of knowledge
Into the doom of illnesses
Shaping blackness to be at par with white in Cuba land
Shaming and executing racism
As Ga’s shame hunger during Homowo
Femi simply poured his bit
Leaving the floor a spectator

Oh hypocrites of beings!
Who will dare hail an autocrat
Who ruled for sixty years without a challenge?
Who is hailing one who slaughtered
His opponents like fowls to maintain his gun made throne?
Who will choose Cuba over America, given the chance?
Let he who wants to see a dictator rule his country
For sixty times twelve moons
Come forward now!
An angry voice echoed through words

I would rather vote for the change I see
Than vote for the naught that be
Democracy is but the playfield of colonial masters
Who pull strings unseen
To destroy most good to be
Removing the best to enstool scarecrows
Hands of healing blessed many states
Saving lives, thanks to Fidel’s Cuba
Dictator or not
He cleared the rot
Nana Apenteng wrote with vim

Concurrency and a few boos trickled
But the battle is yet to end
Who knows the many tongues which will battle fingers
To continue this play to a win?
These fingers hide in writing
Knowing more about the dictator
Who was a blessing to most
And a curse to few
That dictator
Who boldly walked into death
After living over ten times ten lives
That dictator who only lost to a sore
After tending to many state sores
That dictator who seeks to be absolved by history into the hall of heroism
That dictator!
The dictator who flies to the shores of death
With his name on many lips
That dictator. ..
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Nov. 27, 2016
(With inspiration from Friends of GAW)


Who thought the chased tadpole
Would grow to be a toad
And outwit all snakes and predators
To walk with own legs to the city of death?

Who thought a struggling soul
Would be a David to topple a millitary Goliath
And open the gate of enlightenment
For many whose swords were metal to turn pens?
Fidel, you are a hero!

Power is a powerful alcohol
Attacking sanity of most to live presents even in future
Power is a destructive drug
It bugs the mind into high-hood
Making thoughts hazy and self superior to all
But you tried your best and made your mark

No matter the purity of a corn harvest
When it lasts long in its sack
Weevils will break its defenses
And destroy most of it
If not all
But its presence shames famine
Giving security to stomachs which tasted the whips of hunger
Fidel, you were an iconic conundrum for most weevils
And decorative corn for hungry stomachs
Still,  your mark is made!

As you walk into the unseen city
Sit with many of your peers in political entrenchment
With an enlightenment from Nelson Mandela
To change what must be changed
Calling on Mugabe to host a revolution of power discipline
To bring sanity to the developing world

I know you were a hunted mouse for many cats
One who outwitted them all like a god of game
And drew their foolish faces on rants and disgruntled public hearts
Death has absolved you
But look back on life in analysis
And help promote your mirroring good
Eliminating your murdering faults

You did your best like all
Fighting imperialism
Shaming colonialism
I am sure you wished all had your passion
To make Cuba a state of positive revolution
But can one with eyes lead blind men to a war unseen?
You will be missed by all
For good or bad
You will be hailed by many
In good governance and bad
You have your space in history
A space none can erase
You are what you posed
Your flaws
Your perfection
All making you the Fidel of our Century!
You know struggling states’ dead do not have rest permits
But find time and rest anyway
Rest and rest in peace you found not
In this worldly realm
Long live your mark!
Long live Cuba!
Long live the world of beings!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Nov. 26, 2016