IN THE ARMS OF LOVE – (For George Floyd)

If death gives you a chance to look
At the world which took your life
…because you’re black
Smiles should replace the hurt and pain
Which filled your being and took your breath
Terminating the life you clung onto
…in futility
…you are the lamb
A catalyst for the standing of a black race
And a global symbol of awakening

For the flawed systems that exist
Now harvest hearts to resist
The many crude unfairness towards blackness that persist
Calling for its exit
All thanks to your precious unbreathing
Pain is your memory in our hearts
But history will forever remain grateful
That you lived a model
And died through strangulation to push a struggle
For an entire race whose place is chased by cruelty
Mr Floyd,
You can never be erased

The world stands merging all languages into one language called:
Mourning your loss
…and standing to fight the cross you were tossed on
A cross made by demeaning demons thinking themselves superior
Now, your neck suffrage has pushed all hands on deck
From Iran to London
Ghana to Nigeria
Minneapolis to Minnesota
Your name is written in hearts
…you could never have known
…even if wealth ferried you across the entire world
You’re a STAR!

Your legacy is canceling self supreme fallacies
Smoking monsters out of their race holes
And pushing indifferents from their high fences
…to fight for black freedom
Please rest assured that your death is ensuring safety
…for your remaining kind

Rest well
Even if the shame of your exit taunts
Do rest well Sir!
Even if the fame of your pain dims
Do rest well
…even if your soul is unsettled because of unfinished businesses
…you left untended
For you are the lamb which lamps our causes
…and stamps our bravery to fight
For the future generations
And we’re doing just that
To show the claws hidden for peace
The claws hidden so long that lions and lionesses
…now live like dogs
You’re the correction of duress
And will forever be the god whip
Tearing a layer of supremacy
…from our suffocating sky
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© May 31, 2020. Photo Credit: Google Pics

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)

22 replies on “IN THE ARMS OF LOVE – (For George Floyd)”

My dear friend. George Floyd was a good man and his brother asked for no violence today. The brother wanted peace and justice. He told the people at a peaceful demonstration. His brother loved their state. Racism, human rights and equal rights is a forever battle, we must fight. I am Ojibwa. Three years ago, U.S Army was ready to erase a Native American nation. 3,000 plus children left without parent in California. Women are being abuse, hunger and sickness. No-one speak for them. George Floyd, I hope they honor his memory. His brother told the people. Vote the haters out. We must seek education and vote. Thank you for honoring George Floyd.


It is noble of his brother but this goes way beyond his brother. Native Americans and their problems together with all racial cruelty is the reason peace needs a tougher noise to make sure all, including those who are indifferent, rise to help in this fight. This is about systemic unfairness, it is about the next person who will be killed, it is about the natural living rights of minority groups John, so preach peace but also preach justice. I’m against looting and burning but I don’t give a damn about that because those can be salvaged, what about the loves which are lost and continue to be lost? Who can bring those lives back?

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USA isn’t right no-more. Here In my city Detroit, Chicago and New York. Old, poor and sick are dying. Poor Detroit and Chicago, dying in mass and big business want to open-up the world. No concern for the poor of all color. His brother told the truth. Don’t destroy your city, vote the bad leaders out. The government would love to send soldiers into the cities and kill more people. I lived in Detroit in the riots. Military killed many. In New York city, thousand people of all races stood as one. This is the Martin Luther King Jr. way to create change. Robbing a business won’t bring this poor man back. After the riots in Detroit. Detroit died. Was 2 million people in 1965 and today Detroit is a dead city with 500,000 people. No work, no businesses. Riots of 1967 killed off five great cities. If we follow New York city
example and vote for the right leaders. Mr George Floyd will be remembered and I agree. Poor family, to lose a son to murder. It will break your heart forever. I hope the justice will be quick and proper.

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But John, watch the news very well. Who are those destroying the cities? Who are the looters? Times without number we’ve seen white infiltrators burn and breaking, looting and being destructive. So direct your advice to the right quarters. Because I’ve seen videos of black protestors barring some of these thugs from their dubious acts. It’s about time we take the judgment arrows to the right quarters John. I’m from the African Continent, Ghana to be precise, my protest is in my heart and ink. That’s all I’m doing. So join in speaking up against the wrongful killings, then gain a voice to shut down those infiltrators. It is at it is. Justice is a needed component here. Where even the arrest of the monster seems like a protection, you don’t expect people who are of same colour to sit and do nothing. They’re rightfully protesting, and I support and respect that.

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Never a reason to destroy city. The media are liars. Very few are protecting the businesses. Here in my city Detroit. Small amount of people are causing damage. Bad people of all color take advantage of the bad situation. My brother was killed by a police officer in 1988. This is a not only a black issue only. Look up the death count of Detroit and Chicago. Racism against emigrants, women and race. Who stand for the businesses and workers when foolish people destroy their business? Don’t trust the media. The riots are mainly peaceful. The government wants a war. You see only the bad part, many places, all races stand as one. Look what they did in Washington D.C. Used dummy bullets and gas on the people. How many immigrants are killed? Time to repair, not destroy. If the Military gets involve. Many shall die. I was a soldier and I went to the L. A riot with 500 rounds of ammo, tanks and helicopters. Thank you God, the gangs of L.A didn’t attack the 40,000 soldiers. Violence create more violence. The brother asked, please stop the riots and seek education and vote. I am Mexican, white and Ojibwa, I have known racism and my father told me. Education, education and more education. Release the frustration but burning down your city, is very dumb. This is your home. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. changed our world with non-violence. I am praying for the family and for common sense. Today in the USA with the coronavirus and now. The cities have curfew and the military are roaming the city. This is a mess. Media double-talk. Anywhere in our world, bad people will take advantage to steal and rob. Stealing and robbing is a crime.

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