Ashawo Diaries – Appreciation and Meaning of the Cover Art by Nene Buer Boyetey II

Every colour symbolizes something on the cover of Ashawo Diaries. The white background is symbolic of the initial innocence and its attendant piety related to the protagonist. The rose is symbolic of her dignity, the scattered petals represent how she got shattered with time. The green leaves represent a fertile life cut off from its life sources, to die slowly. Its thorns standing far from its petals show, victims of various kinds of abuse can do all they can to defend themselves, but that will do nothing to protect them from their powerful opponents. The lipstick is symbolic of the male sex organ widely used for different reasons and purposes in this book, its red stick symbolic of pleasure and danger. The black colour (handle) represents the darkness which buries deeds of the helpless in society. The silver on the lipstick is representative of the thin silver lining which almost always never find victims of atrocious crimes in our society, adding another meaning to the black colour; silent death to most victims of the underworld. Nene also throws more light on the lipstick:
“My thought on the Lipstick was also about it being a Catalyst to the night trade… Lol. Lipstick alone on a ‘Hooker’s’ lips is a total form of seduction…”
Everything about Ashawo Diaries speaks volumes. It is that book you NEED to have in your collection, a perfect mirror to enlighten you on the looks of society. Ashawo Diaries: Tales of Adwoa Attaa (Pre-Order). Pre-order price: GHS 80 cedis (up to end 13 June). Regular price (from 14 June): GHS 85

Available from 15 June 2020

Ashawo Diaries is a D’Akpabli Publication. Cover Credit: Nene Buer Boyetey II. Book due in June 2020. For pre-orders, contact via WhatsApp or call: +233 24 5275 981 or Booknook Book Store on Facebook. Book will also be available on Amazon.

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