When a star pales the moon
And the earth swoons
As the sky feels baboon
Chaos gathers to loom

When the sky gives a ground
As the earth floats
Will legs understand
Without a belling boat?

If legs can think
…as head walks
If the stomach can feed
…as hands stock
If ears can see
…as eyes hear
Then normalize them
…the anomalies

Do know that stricts hold the glow
…that mirrors the outside shine
Know that disciplines glue the success
…of the boarders beyond
Know that don’ts draw the difference
…that admiration buys
If you still want to keep open
…the doors of your laws
…by all means
…normalize the anomaly
But let complaints die in your ungrowing clothes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia February 6, 2020


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