See shame parading on pious parks
Re has lied with gin
Aren’t those seeds meant to shade
…in conversion?
Why are they naked and swimming in sordid sins?

It is a sad sad state
When love
…interprets coital orgies
So that loving neighbors as selves
…becomes tickets for beds and sheets
…to sandwich pairs of legs
…denotes growing up
So do not commit adultery
…translates do not grow up
And saints say Amen to them

How nots are now permissions
…to steal
…to kill
And to do all ascribed in an upside motion
Mines the horrors out of my disgust
When did the mirrors of holy books
…begin an ovation of horrors
…for their followers?

You continue
Continue to put clothes of sainthood
…on falsities!
You continue
Continue to claim goats as cows
You continue
Continue to validate gross for good
You continue
Continue to worship fools as wise
When your trumpets sound
And your hells beckon
We’ll see how you’ll taste its fires
You who prepareth for heaven with hell’s regulations
The end you preach surely walks towards you
Even if your time deceives with temporary

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 12, 2019

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