A hen strays to the bush
A guinea fowl gives it a push
…to get out of its terrain

A sheep wanders to the forest
An antelope causes its arrest
…citing dares broken in bounds

A duck flies the sky
An eagle swoops so low to peck it dry
Claiming it stranger

An alligator visits a river
A crocodile makes it shiver
Calling it an intruder

But habitats are interdependent siblings
Some guinea fowls live like hens
Some antelopes visit some homes
Eagles sometimes feed on land
Just as crocodiles travel the land

Should earth up one day to eject all
Who can order its calm?
It is oddly amazing how earth serves a transit
…but the living carries ownership like a prized burden
Mortality is a fearful reality
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 11, 2019

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