…are global citizens
…known as cybercitizens
Without cultural boundaries

Though prejudices walk through fingers and voices
And friendships are made through interests and choices
Curiosity beats all label noises
Making it a nation without boundaries

Surely clashing interests end in bouts
Horrid hobbies get the shouts
But dreams have a supportive channel which outs
…the talented
Oh what a nation without boundaries!

So those who plant good seeds will grow
As others will know
And water and sunshine to show
And those who plant mischief
…will be killed by bombs of a thief
It is like a karma ball
…in a boundary boundaryless hall

…many faces hide to chide
…some faces hide in fear
…some faces follow in shadows
…words buried never die
…they become future angels
…or haunting ghosts
So rare care is needed in arguing
Tact is needed even in fact sharing
Fairness must be served on all plates
For global citizenship calls for dynamic acceptance
So all can fit in
…no matter how small the space of our minds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© January 2, 2019

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