A cow’s vows bow to machetes at the abattoir
With no questioning hows
So how will the bitterness of its better half
…block its travel to the ancestral kingdom?
Unfortunacy knows no memorandum
Disasters fault no failed promises

An owl’s bowel bolt not from a sauce’s bowl
No matter how wronged it is sold by day
Its others still sleep their days
…and fly their nights
Horrors scare not fair
They force their horses to their rivers
…dry them to thirst
…to force them to drink
Even sadness drains
…when life corners with needs

So learn to burn a turn and turn
Cry to sigh a bye and fly
Whine to mine a shine and dine
There are cracks which track our lucks to stack
And canes which stain our pains to sane
Life builds us with all
…and regrets
And our legacies reign
…with our wins as stars
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© November 26, 2019


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