Mothering monsters must make merry mournful
…in memory

Mothering monsters might mock most
…who moved mountains to make money
…to mum those many moments

How does it feel
To watch as the world
Brands your beloved as unfeeling steel
Armed with justifiable evidence?

How does it feel
To watch the world
Rightfully weed out your seed
…like a poisonous plant
Amidst jubilations which farms your sadness?

How does it feel
To lose your beloved
…as the world cheers your haunting fears
Driving on the best clearance
…on a applaudable road?

Mothering a monster might be the murder of mercy
…from a higher power
Because it sure is hard
…stifling tears so the world sees no sorrow
When your abdomen reminds you of birth cramps
…your intestines drag you through anxietal loss
…your head battles your heart as to attack
…or defense of your own
You sure are to be pitied as your internals bleed
…in the face of jubilation of your loss
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 10, 2019

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