As you swing your power sling
…like a king with no end strings
And enjoy as your people sing
As you treat them like your mere things
Remember, the bells to your tenure ring
And time will fling you off no matter how hard you cling
Because power’s wings fall off a shoulder to the next
…without so much as a look backwards
That is the true rule of power

At its peak
…it towers to self importance shower
…and empowers to shine a fear which forces others to cower
Subduing but piling hatred in heaps
…in furious hearts
The wise threads carefully to buy less enemies on a power tower
So be no thoughtless
…buying enemies by planting foul seeds with your deeds
Because when power overturns
…it leaves its dismounted with a helpless vessel
That is the true rule of power

Today can be gay
But tomorrow might hold a bullet in the stray
So take off your hat of heartlessness
…replace your crown of cruelty with care
…serve not your stool like a tool
…meant to turn all fools
Because when power hops to another’s top
It can turn cop to drill its former home to a pulp
That is the true rule of power
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 7, 2019

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