You see those beautiful mansions
…built with beautiful words
…painting surreal pictures?
In there might be single rooms with leaking roofs
…or roofless huts housing humans and rats
…who compete for space
So put out your jealous flames
…and let your sun lead you
…with its free air

What is a name without essence?
What is a beautiful smile which cracks chests
…and churns stomachs?
What is a projected wealth parcelling shameful poverty?
What are beautiful praises poured on ugly souls
…wearing apparels of role models?

It is a scary world
A scary world where mice act cats
…and cats act lions
It is a scary world
A scary world where fowls act hawks
…and hawks act eagles
It is a scary world
A scary world where worms act snakes
…and snakes act dragons
Funny –
…the lions, eagles and dragons
…act their lowest
Laughing at their fake apparitions

So cherish your water
When the wines force glasses to click in cheers
Oh cherish your gari
…when forks force knives to help shovel
…fried rice into mouths
Just cherish your mats
…when comfortable beds taunt with showy softness
And when the cameras click with their video cuts
…be sure to celebrate the works of your mirrors
Nothing shows its real state anymore
Those selling brands
Those with sold brands
…may be the most pathetic souls
…hiding fountains of tears
…which can help you swim from your sorrows to gratefulness
If only they’d show
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 30, 2019

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