Fellows finally find freedom
…in feeding from fem-pots
With no fear
…of being tagged failures
Loving their forms

It is better to show the “sins” snowing within
…than wrapping it up
…and tanning your outer with piety
Real talent is eating from a good bowl
…and licking it up in worship
…caring not about fingers in pointing
…thoughts of anointed shaming
…mouths carrying for a selling
…Ears waiting for a hearing
That Will is praiseworthy
…on the fearless, oh sons!

So man up even before God
And live like the wolves you are
…instead of sheeping in self deception
Sins are mere clothes of fallibility for humans
Our real works, should suffer no judgment
…for our flawed personal choices
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 20, 2019

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