They met daily on Facebook
And shared jokes via Twitter
They saw each other on Instagram
And chatted seriously via email
While walls were their only distance
A walking sadness on unfortunate path

And so the child grew by the teachings of the net
And fell into its reckless bet with life
His fingers talked for his mouth
His eyes thought for his mind
His body always needed a ghost to represent in all congregations
Such a walking sadness on an unfortunate path!

The heat of awkwardness piled up
Home schooled
A human fooled
An internet made
A rope talked to his problems
And offered transportation to another realm
Where the body could not follow to hurt
And so it was that Kobby did leave
As the Mensahs cried their fate in hate
It was a walking sadness that walked an unfortunate path

I hope many will learn from their tale
So as to unstale their tales
In this world in a crazy vehicle
…on a weird road chased by hypocritical wisps
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 11, 2019

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