They all scream to title the next
…in my head’s nest
Hatred screams on love
Love adorably stares
As heartbreak rears it’s head
…to force love to close its eyes
Religion calls for sanity
But sins stamp their ink on their leaders
Politics reads its provisional manifesto
But disappointment laughs loudest
…shutting in all screams
Peace makes a sign
…chaos calls that it is king
Until the law hits its gavel on the table for calm
Immediately, bribery and corruption glare their “hey!”
Reflection walks straight to the highest seat
…sits and wins the audience’s calm

So reflect to correct a defect
If this space has given you a chance to direct
…a task
You’re like a plane
…hosting many in your womb
To be flown down in life jackets in your lifely crash
To always be known as one of the best carriers
…to generations you’ll never see
Reflection is the most important ingredient
In our developmental cooking
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© October 5, 2019

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