I had heard of the Sakura Flowers
Trumpeting technology
And greatly maintained culture
Before many miles in the sky brought me to your very grounds
Just an
Precious and
New experience!

Many fine hearts wrapped in shy clothes!
Many indigenous tongues
…hidden in traditional languages!
Many disciplined bodies
…spiced by courteous moves!
Yoko has hammered my thrill on a cross of interest

With fine fine personalities in awesome company
Great great thoughts in nightingale songs
Arigato Gosaimas is my heart’s message
…to this land of cherry blossoms

From the Minato Mirai Area enchantment
To my cultural dances on display
On Asian feet
My cultural clothes hugging Asian bodies
Like a proud bird
I see many express my all to impress me to fall
…into fascination
More awe to my grateful core

You’re built on trust without a doubt
You’re adorned with beauty
…in your many a city
You’re growing in strength
…which can’t be measured in length
You’re all the dreams that scream to gleen
Oh you beautiful city in a strategic realm making a time traveler
Traveling back to my yesterday

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia August 29, 2019
Poem Title by Grace Ihejiamaizu

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