Do you make up
…to shake up
A city
But end up
…a scare who flares human flight?
Then check it

It could be that you’re a lesser anteater
Whose body needs ash and lime
…to squash a stash of nose blows
So like an elephant
…be self aware
…and work to clear your demons

It could be that you’re a skunk
The fumes of your perfumes noses find inconsumable
Anytime mouth begins its work
Charcoal the brɔdeɛ ti
Scrub the hub to hush the harsh

It could also be the language your body writes
On the screens of others
Pride fetching a hide
…A hate bingo!

So let’s do a bodictation
Checking our wretch to stop our wrecks
We are afterall
…humans charting a path with forward eyes
…only eyes in watch can tell the crookedness of our bodiworks
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 24, 2019

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