From far and far
…flimsy fleas
…forced fiercely in fences
…flip flaps to fires’ fuss
Forking fins
…filing fears
…facing the future

Baking in breakages
…burning in bossing barns
Burns bellowing in bellies of bodies
…bolden in brights
…beneath their-

Allowing arms to air
…attracting arrows in alms
Atrociously aiming attacks
…in apt adrenalines

Fear the fallen
Believe the broken
Appease the attacked

For they are-
… Beneath
… Ashes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 21, 2019

8 thoughts on “FIRE BENEATH ASHES

  1. An appropriate poem. My brother Stephen was assaulted by another resident at his Group home. The incident occurred on a Saturday. No attempt was made to contact me at either my home cellphone or at my job. Instead the staff have constructed an elaborate cover up. Nothing but lies from start to finish.

    Because of my own poor health I’m not in a position to protect Stephen. My health is quickly declining. Since I know that there will be no improvement in my condition soon I will be leaving the blogging world for good. Best to bow out gracefully.
    If God allows I hope to see Stephen tomorrow.


      1. I’ve been torn as to whether I should keep going but I’m getting to the point where I can no longer keep body or soul together. My life is collapsing. I’ve lost a lot of weight. Not able to digest my food.


      2. I have no incentive to keep going. I’m tired. I can’t sleep at night and it constant problems
        I don’t think my situation will get better. I have no one to help me. More or less I’ve already given up.
        Plus I’m in constant physical pain.


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