Ya Allah
…prepare the grounds of bellies
…to stand hunger rallies
As your sons and daughters fast
…to feel the pain of the outcast

Ya Allah
…quench all future temper
…so they can’t this piousness tamper
As your children prepare
…in humility, to with the poor, pair

Ya Allah
…tie the catastrophe of chaotic death
…and let peace, all around birth
As your servants lay their ails
…before your merciful presence

Ya Allah
…bless all struggling hearts
…cushion all torn mats
…fill all empty pots
…bless all needy cots
…pack all crying pockets
…heal all haunting ills and closed mindedness
In your wise discretional will
In reward of your wards’ willingness
…to obey your call for service
…to humanity
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © April 7, 2019

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