When you wake up
…see her like a lover you see hand in hand down the aisle
One whose thoughts bubble down your belly –
…warmth of promises born and unborn
One whose smile gives you the strength –
…to sacrifice yourself for her every need
One you can hunger –
…to satisfy
One you can suffer –
…to see safe
One whose pain rain shivers –
…on your fears
And work towards her flourish

When you wake up
…see her like a child you see
…rocking greatness in your future
One whose sadness pierces arrows –
…in your heart
One whose sickness points a gun –
…at your head
One whose happiness –
…is your morning sun
Her excellence –
…your moon in the dark
That child you’ll sacrifice everything
…to see as a grown and responsible woman
And work towards her growth

…work towards her growth
She is afterall yours and yours’ yours
Yes –
…yours and yours’ yours’ yours unendingly
Your Nation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Ā© May 6, 2019

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