In this horrid sadness
…you left behind
Amidst this painful lifelessness
… I live in bind
I think of it all
…what I hoped for
….for you

Even in my hunger
…I hoped for your fullness
…choices of delicacies on an optional table
Even in my anger
…I hoped for your peace
…a calm serenity serving series of smiles
…your beautiful dimpled smiles
Even in my hurts
…I hoped for your safety
…a flawless protection to free your mind
Even in my needs
…I hoped for your wealth
…a full richness like rich kings and crowns
Even in my bitterness
…I hoped for your loving
…hearts syncing to your serving
…minds accepting all your yearning
Even in my cold
…I hoped for your warmth
…comfortability in all your abilities
…a life banished of struggles

I never hoped to think you
…in the ground’s belly
…as one of the many who satisfy not its insatiability
I never wished this time
…when nights serve insomnia
…on my working mind
…and pinch my sorrows into daunting hollows
I certainly never hoped for your absence
…in my yearning presence
…nor thought this nonsense
…of your short memories

I only hoped for beauty
…for your living handsomeness
And I hoped my duty
…in your freer sphere
…would serve you better
…in your different unwellness
But alas!
I am here
…and you are in the downing there
Probably mortally drained
…probably bonely weakening
Merging with these sands turning dust
To be treated naught in a future peeling
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © April 29, 2019. In honour of Kwadjo Opoku Ahwinie (September 5, 2011 – December 10, 2018)

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