I smell it
Vultures perching –
…on trees of negligence
Waiting for their meals –
… on grounds of confidence
Snooping for locationing –
… on the internet of carelessness
After signing trust deals
…on papers with drunkenness
I smell it

I sense it –
Shocked orphans crying
…on grounds of hopelessness
Sadly munching –
…on buns of innocence
Lost and sailing –
…on ships of foolishness
Skillessly in carving –
…on tickets of joyousness
I sense it

I can envision it
Roads lying and waiting
…on blood to feel vampiric affluence
Happily banking
…on wings of highness
Made possible by calculating
…on calendars of recklessness
Read in high rating
…on faces of addictive influence
I can envision it

Many drivers; the road gods and goddesses
On smoothness and roughness
Replace unfortunate stories like daily newspapers
Around festivities
Thinking lateness and not lateness
Thinking time beating and not death swooping
Spelling sadness on the future of happiness

Let’s smash it
The anticipatory room of doom
Let’s destroy it
The unknown orphaned cocoon
Let’s blast it
Death’s quarry of expectations
To build with its hard stones
…history of happy zero recording
In its disappointed registry
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ยฉ April 21, 2019


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