Hearts now jump from chests into hands
At the mention of byes
Luggage shivering at commuting thoughts
On bloodthirsty baits
Lying straight or curved
Clearly smooth or rough
Bearing tombs or pools
With gluttonous teeth in wait
Crying for attention and getting none

How many more ghosts do we need as barriers
At every intersection?
Nsamantwentwen are practically stationed at every point
Wailing their inability to reach destinations hoped
Wishing the past a turnable wheel
Acting like aggrieved children of the uncaring land
Which partook in their painful blood parties

With cathedrals taking precedence over ambulances
Bribery scaling fences of law enforcement
And Tramol acting opium of steering minds
How do we hold the dagger of death from smiting the innocent
On traps we have set?

It is sad
The many rotten foods of risks on plates of the poor user!
It is annoying
The many hunting traps in set for many to overtake youths unfilled
In this earthly jungle
There should be a reverse
Where rich rulers wear shoes of the dead for only years of three
Tasting all that pain entails
In losing dears through recklessness
Like road accidents
Then, only then, will sense wake in their greed infested heads
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © March 24, 2019

4 thoughts on “BLOOD THIRSTY

  1. ‘Cathedrals taking precedence over ambulances,’ …Most Powerful, and Alas, Sadly True. This is where I believe holding Every Priest and Bishop Accountable to the People. Let us bring them to the Streets.

    Liked by 1 person

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