Under the same sun
Beliefs vary in many a man
Whereas some in nature shun
Others build myths like webs in the sky
Where none tries to look as it’s so high
There are those ghosts caged without a bye
Bruskotoed on oh day and night!
Still there are some believing all a fight
A fight with none, not even a lazy knight

You know in my heart the tsunamic confusion
Of jumping so high wanting to part the sky
You know in my head the tornaded infuriation
Of looking so hard even in dreams for you in the dry
You know the hurricanic illusion
Of your chase, all ending in a sigh
I am naught but a vessel in a situation
Waiting to be pushed into breakage
And like a naught in the earth’s bosom, lie so do give me an advantage
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© Nov. 4, 2018

9 thoughts on “UNDER THE SAME SUN

  1. Interesting ideas. Man and woman are under the same sun and hopefully we balance the divine guidance to ensure equality of all – as God is no respecter of persons and creates us all equal in His eyes. He loves us all the same.

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  2. God is not the author of confusion but mankind is the creator of restrictive religious beliefs. Men make rules, rituals and rites that exclude whom they deem to be nonbelievers. Each major religion assume that they have cornered the market on God and Salvation.

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