I now know this for a fact: A lady with a sword is worse than anything to fear on earth. Imagine a man hungry but afraid to visit the tree with the best fruits because the tree happens to be heavily guarded. Ama you are a dangerous woman” Kumnipa whispered afraid someone would hear. He sat for a while, his need to touch her quenched under his shyness. Ama just sat until he got tired and asked for permission to leave.
Dust was fast gathering in Apemso. The rains had not been seen in a while. Not unusual but quite unsettling to farmers. Ama sensed some pangs in her abdomen. It was funny because it wasn’t that time of month for her. She visited home and everyone was fine. On her way to the palace, she decided to pass by Nyamekye’s place, heard some commotion when she got to the front of her door, pulled her sword and entered. Nyamekye was lying on top of her husband as the assassins struggled to get her off to no avail. Obviously, they were instructed to eliminate only Boadu. Ama killed all two to the shock of both Nyamekye and Boadu.
“Why didn’t you leave one alive for us to know who sent them?” Ama pretended to have made a mistake. “I am sorry. I was so shocked that my fury acted up”. Nyamekye looked at her for a moment, realized she lied but knew she had a good reason to do what she did. She thanked her and asked her to call for the corpse handlers to see if they knew where those men were from. Ama excused herself and went to do as told but not entirely. When she ascertained that the corpses were in the corpse shed, she set the place on fire and left quietly to her room, careful not to be detected. She nearly fell when a hand tapped her after she sat on her bed. She pulled her sword, struck, the target dodged and asked her to calm down. It was Kumnipa.
My prince, please never do this again. I could have harmed you you know?” Kumnipa tried to ask where she was coming from but she didn’t respond and calmly told him she wanted to rest. Without a word, he left feeling she definitely had a grudge against him but was too ashamed to ask.
The next morning, Ohene Asaa called for a meeting between his family, Nyamekye, Boadu, Kumnipa, Ama and his wife. “They say an insect that would bite you definitely comes from your cloth. My problem is, we are a family which needs to stand strong and not act insects to bit ourselves. Yesterday, there was an attempt on the life of Boadu,” (He hesitated a bit and added) “and Nyamekye. Thanks to Odomankomah, Ama happened to be nearby, heard and rescued them. The assassins were obviously from this palace disguised as ordinary men of our land. Unfortunately, we will not be able to know who they were because someone intentionally burnt down the corpse shed. Let us be very careful of who we target in this family. We are one no matter how we look at it. A word to the wise…?” All of them responded “Is enough”.
Nyamekye didn’t understand why her father had added that her life had been in danger. She had told him how the assassins tried not to harm her. She also didn’t understand why he asked Ama to remain, when she had clearly not implicated her in anyway.
The bravest warrior of all nine kingdoms of Apemso! A woman who puts fear in men with big tails. Daughter from the scrotum of war who war fears! One who can walk through fire unscathed! If even fire fears your beautiful skin, who is Ohene Asaa not to fear your brave heart? Child of mine, thank you for yet again, protecting our own. But my child, something bothers me a little. You’re not one to make the mistake of eliminating evidence completely. And surely, you’re not one to burn down a corpse shed without reason. Would it be too much to ask why?”
Ama panicked, knowing Ohene Asaa had proof of her wrongdoing. She knelt at his feet and bowed her head. She just cried and didn’t say a word.
“I have all the answers I seek. You need not say a word. The body of a trusted aide speaks volumes than their tongues. You will never harm a soul in this palace for you are loyal to me as your king and to all related. You’re not just one of my best warriors, you’re also my daughter.” He got up, helped her up, wiped her face and hugged her. “Return to your room and rest. Let nothing bother you. Know your king understands why you did what you did and feel no conscience whip my child”.
Once in her room, she wept like a child. For the great king to have seen through her, seen her burning the shed from his palace window, was a burdensome thing to carry on her mind. She picked her sword and went straight to Kumnipa’s room. In tears she demanded:
Pick your best sword! Today we battle till we see the blood of one” The prince did not utter a word. He picked his sword and followed her to the training ground. She sacked all his guard and attacked him fiercely. They fought till Kumnipa could take no more. She gave him a cut on his thigh and aimed at his neck as he sat in his fallen position.
Why did you make a fool out of me? No why do I need to get into the midst of all that? You are behind the attack on Boadu. I saw you talking to those two in the early hours of yesterday. I never thought you could arrange such a stupid scheme. You pride yourself as being a man yet try to kill a weaker man from the point of his ignorance. I know no women rival who have ever stooped so low” Kumnipa cried like a baby. He had no words. He had been caught and didn’t know if she told it to Ohene Asaa.
“I will own up. I don’t know what got over me.”
Ama was quick to tell him not to bother. “There is no need to be known for something I have been caught for. Being in theory of a crime is better than being known in practicality. Just know that I am highly disappointed in you!”
With that, she left as Kumnipa cried. His guards rushed to help him to his room. The wound did not hurt as much as his shame. He knew a real warrior never fought from behind. He refused to eat throughout that day. Word of their battle reached Ohene Asaa who nodded as he watched Ama’s portrait on the wall of the portrait room.
The next day, Kumnipa got the best of flowers and went to Ama’s room, knelt at her feet, bowed his head and apologized to her. He promised never to repeat such a mistake. Ama helped him up as the King did her. Their eyes met and as if by magic they kissed passionately. Feelings that Ama never knew existed flew all over her body digging goosebumps on her skin. Kumnipa felt like a child in her hands. She was definitely the only woman who emasculated him, sparked his curiosity, filled his heart to the brim and made him want her. But he couldn’t explain the hatred he had towards Boadu, especially when he sees him with Nyamekye. He must have lost his erection, Ama must have sensed it and broke free. The day was still young, her body felt odd but she knew better to explore a body whose mind was far from her.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)

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