Female Role Models: Baba Yunus Samiha Simli

Samiha is known for her positive spirit of volunteerism. She started volunteering at age 10. At age 14, she became an active member of Curious Minds Ghana, using radio as a potent tool for positive social and behavior change campaigns in rural communities. Today, at 23, while her peers are worried about jobs and getting married, the volunteering spirit in her keeps blazing. She is currently the local Chapter President (LCP) of Aiesec at the University for Development Studies and has since worked tirelessly to see it transition from a shadow student organization with very few members, to the most popular club on campus inspiring and igniting the spirit of volunteering among young people. She is most passionate about the emancipation of women and girls as well as youth development. She does not hesitate to jump (invited or not) on any intervention that seeks to promote the welfare of people. As to what inspires and encourages her spirit for volunteering? Her answer: “The question is, if I don’t, and you don’t, who would?” As the world keeps evolving, she has come to appreciate the fact that, our fight for a sustainable and developed world would be meaningless until it is linked up with the total commitments of both women and young people in the world. And that starts with her, you, I and them. But if no one else is willing, she’s happy doing it alone, afterall, “one person” to her “can change the world” Miha is by all standards a good role model.

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