The Making Of Orgiastic Cyprian by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

The Making Of Orgiastic Cyprian is an episodic fiction by Oppong Clifford Benjamin which
focuses on educating its readers on the sacredness of sex and how the pleasurable act can be a
divine form of prayer between a creature and his creator. The story centres on a mysterious sect
of young women between the ages of seventeen and thirty called The Ancient Aphrodisiac Cult
(The ACC). The cult is strictly invented out of the creativity of the writer. However, some settings
in the story are real.
We hope you enjoy this episode as much as the episodes to come. The Making Of Orgiastic Cyprian.
Episode I.
Remembering how timid she was on the first day she came into the temple of Ishtar for her
initiation, Miss Juan Onifat smiled and held the very tip of the giant penis which welcomed her
and every visitor to the extremely dangerous, yet ineluctably romantic designs of the interior. She
heaved a heavy relief, and it echoed in the somewhat sempiternal gallery of the temple of sex and
she looked down at her shadow which was telecasted on the walls by the sun, the sun was at its
meridian. She couldn’t believe she was the Grand Architect of the Qadeshes and by virtue of the
recent ceremony she was the sacred custodian of the recherché temple and all its traditions. It
had happened too fast, she thought. She was a little above three years in the Ancient Aphrodisiac Cult (The ACC), and just in the morning of that day, she had been installed the Most Perfect Chiliad, an enviable position which took other ladies, between the ages of seventeen and thirty, ten or more years of hard labour in sexual affairs with hundred strange men from all the seven selected corners of the world. “Congratulations, Most Perfect Chiliad, Grand Architect of the Qadeshes, The Sacred Custodian
  • of the temple of Ishtar and all its traditions” a half dressed blond lady went down on her left
    knee and perfectly erected her right leg to form a square with the left, and gave a court bow in
    salutation to Miss Juan. In response to the cordial felicitation, Miss Juan smiled and carefully
    lifted her right hand off the statue of penis and placed it on her well shaved vagina, she in-fixed
    the middle finger into her organ for a short while and removed it, and placed the hand on the left
    shoulder of the lady who upon rising to her full length, took a short pace with her left foot
    towards her superior, bringing the right heel to the hollow of the left to form a square, she then
    lapped the wet middle finger of Miss Juan. The blond lady licked the finger like it was the best
    thing that had ever entered her mouth; a sacred licking with saliva leaking off the lips, very
    The Qadeshes (members of the cult) have a religious belief in amorously passing their tongue
    about the always wet organ of their Most Perfect Chiliad and sucking the sweet scented liquid off
    her middle finger. It was a hallowed mean of communication between them and God. And She
    who did it passionately saw the face of God, or so it was bruited.
    Stories were told of a sexy black qadesh who once visited the Heavens and had an idyllic sexual
    encounter with a celestial body believed by the qadeshes to be God. The rumours had it that the
    black lady, Hamamat, when she was only a girl of twelve years, was visited in her dream on a
    certain mid-night while she slept on a small mat, in a muddy hut at a cute arenaceous village of
    Bolgatanga, Ghana. She saw in her dream a middle finger of a white lady. Hamamat could not
    appreciate the face of her guest but she clearly recounted the sacred element; a 7.44 inches long
    middle finger which had the image of an opened vagina receiving penetration from a perfectly
    erected penis tattooed across the length of the finger, starting from the proximal to the distal
    phalanxes. It was recorded in the chapter 16 of the book Blue Rituals of The Sex Cult by Linda
    Londart Longman, a Most Perfect Chiliad of the order who reigned from 1656 to 1701 that, the
    white lady rudely ordered Hamamat to lick her tattooed middle finger like how a sexually hungry
    woman suck the hell out of a lustful penis, which Hamamat did after what seemed to be a
    struggle in the dream. And when she did, Linda Longman in her book described the process as
    nonesuch, which in modern theological philosophy is synonymous with apotheosis- the process
    of transforming a man into a god. Linda said in the Blue Rituals of the Sex Cult that, Hamamat
    after many hours of massaging the finger with her tongue, the mysterious entity who appeared in
    her dream vanished into nothingness for out of nothingness she had appeared, but Hamamat
    woke up the next day in the ancient city of Cyprus, precisely in the temple of Ishtar with no

The Making Of Orgiastic Cyprian.
Oppong Clifford Benjamin.
cloths to shield her nakedness from the full sight of hundred men who had their hard members
aimed at her sorry self. Such, Longman wrote in her book, was the orphic means by which we
(qadeshes) are all invited to a participation of the ancient mysteries and sacred secrets of sex.
Cyprian Louiselle, may God strengthen thy waist to fuck your way to eternal glory
So Mote It Be” the blond lady whispered into air. It was the sect’s peculiar response to a prayer.
Miss Juan blessed the blond lady, Louiselle. Louiselle made for the south side gate of the temple
and just at the threshold of the exit, Miss Juan called her name aloud, prompting her to keep the
traditional form of exiting; sitting on an erected penis carved out of batholiths rock and
positioned at each of the four exits of the temple.
Ah Huh! Before you leave, please remind me of the name of the African girl you mentioned to
me this morning
Hamamat, Most Perfect Chiliad
Hamamat!” Miss Juan exclaimed out of surprise. She read the Blue Ritual when she was the
Most Wise Lady of the cult. The Blue Ritual was only accessible by the Most Wise Lady. The
duty of the Most Wise Lady in the ACC was to write the proceedings of the Ancient Aphrodisiac
Cult in a chronological records so the history of the cult doesn’t get lost in antiquity like many
sects of the then known world. During her office as Most Wise Lady, Miss Juan seized the
opportunity to read extensively on their ancient art, the mysteries and history of having sex with
strange men in the temple and the one that caught her interest the most was the mysterious

The Making Of Orgiastic Cyprian.
Oppong Clifford Benjamin.
Where precisely is she from?” Her eyes were widely opened and staring at Louiselle at the far
end of the gallery.
West Africa, Ghana. In a small sandy city called Bolgatanga.
There was earsplitting silence for quite a while in the space between them.
Are you okay, Most Perfect Chiliad?”
“Get me her picture, I will prepare for her invitation”
To be continued…

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