I wish, I wish, I wish!
I wish I had a day
To travel to the mind of man
I would want to explore all his caves
To know the wires that touch
To electrocute some senses
Into forming actions gargantuans
To horrify my sisters and I

I’d first love to be a tourist
In the cave of nudity
Knowing their genesis of need for pornography
Its positive and negative wires into sockethood
Sockets which drive their urges
I would then move to seeking the hormones
Which make most brothers “agya apapu”
Following even sticks in female apparel

I would also explore the cave of ego
Investigating to know the old engines
Which spark too loudly
When their keys of annoyance turn
And hope their healing keys
Hang in a corner

I would also love to know what motivates their need to own
Owning and owning but hating to share in rivalry
Some holes deemed favourites
Sparking cutlasses of jealousy
Which poisons reason

I wish
Wishing wishes horses
To fly me into what blocks their stored emotions
And help most multi-task in lies
Hunting conquests in forests ruled by thorns of infections

What will I not give to know the vein
Which pumps need-blood for beauties to showcase,
Intellectuals to demonstrate
And the easily bullied or order in servantship

Which fat boils the need for power?
Which water fountains to fan the need for thanksgiving
For little efforts rendered?
Which, symphonizes the music of success
To make them dancing puppets on stages of unthinkables
I wish, I wish, I wish!

I wish to find the ray wires of their eyes
To see from their points of view
To know if they own lasers which see through feminine clothes
Fanning their desires even in attires
I wish
I wish
I wish
If only their heads were parks to explore
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Nov. 22, 2016

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